Better Life SpA

DBetter Life

Better Life Spa is the group’s company that is responsible for marketing the Exoskeleton produced by MES Spa. in Europe.

The Exoskeleton is a bio-medical product that can be used in supporting the movements of people with spinal cord injuries, as well as more simply in the medical therapy for post-traumatic rehabilitation.

The proposed system is based on a 'hip module' and a 'knee module' and acts to reproduce the human steps.

  • The Exoskeleton allows you to switch from sitting to standing positions and vice versa, to walk, to drive a vehicle: everything is done in complete autonomy
  • Allows upright posture by reducing the occurrence of secondary pathologies
  • The lightness of the modules makes the Exoskeleton particularly agile
  • The weight of the “complete” model is of about 12.5 Kg but the system can be customized according to the needs of each individual, thanks to the modularity of the system itself
  • It's easy to wear and adjustable to the user
  • Has the step controlled by manual control
  • Battery life: is of 4 hours continuous walking
  • Speed: Is Variable depending on the user. (0.5 to 1.0 m / s).

RAI service on the exoskeleton system