MES S.p.A.


MES Spa is a company founded in 1958 based in Rome and operates predominantly in the Defense sector. Particularly specialized in the development and production of aerial countermeasure systems, has significant experience in either mechanical and electronic processes.

MES is engaged in the development and manufacture of electromechanical protection systems mounted on aircraft and helicopters and are destined to safeguard the same in the case of missile attacks. They are therefore elements of “pure passive defense”, which deceive the incoming missile offensive, directing it towards false targets. The recipients of these productions are exclusively the Italian Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of countries recognized by our government, which authorizes the export.

MES provides a high standard of product quality, which comes from experience and professional skills of the workforce, the type of tools and machinery used, but mainly by the existence of tests and procedures that ensure high reliability of the results of the final product.

Based on these characteristics, so far used only for the world of Defence, MES has now launched a production process which involves also a growing presence in most highly advanced civilian areas, in particular:

  • The space sector, where the company is engaged in the manufacturing of components of the buster for the European launcher ARIANE5;
  • The biomedical sector, where the company has started a project of an "exoskeleton" that completed will allow paraplegics to move independently, using motorized prosthetic technology developed by MES.

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